Pajūrio trasa idea came in 2016 for orienteerers in Klaipėda. We have not su much running events near the sea, but our main goal is to show that you can run not only on asphalt. There are plenty of beautiful places around us, maybe you have never visited, but you can find them only by going into forest and using trail tracks. You can then feel the real beauty of the nature. When you experience moments, running by the sea, crossing dunes and mossy paths, when you feel your running tempo and wash them off with sweat, those moments are stuck not only in your head, but also in the memory of your body muscles. These memories pulls you back to the forest, where running is never gets you bored.

We hope you will experience this running at pajūrio trasa.

Orienteering sports club "O! Klaipėda" director
Justinas Liubinskas